Collecting useful information

After you generate a research plan (see the preceding section, "Planning your research," for more information), you may need to fill in a few details like dates and locations of births, marriages, and deaths. You can collect this information by interviewing family members and by looking through family documents and photographs. (See Chapter 2 for tips on interviewing and using family documents and photographs.) You may also need to look up a few things in an atlas or gazetteer (a geographical dictionary) if you aren't sure where certain locations are. (Chapter 7 provides more information on online gazetteers.)

For a list of things that may be useful to collect, see Chapter 2. In the meantime, here are a few online resources that identify items to collect for your genealogy:

^ Suggestions for Beginners ^ Introduction to Genealogy: First Steps ^ Getting Started in Genealogy and Family History

^ Get Started in Genealogy: Some tips on how to start your family tree research in_genealogy

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