Deciding Which Treasures to Include

Although the content of genealogical Web pages with lots of textual information about ancestors or geographic areas may be very helpful, all-text pages won't attract the attention of your visitors. Even we get tired of sorting through and reading endless narratives on Web sites; we like to see things that personalize a Web site and are fun to look at. Graphics, icons, and photographs are ideal for this purpose. A couple of nice-looking, strategically placed photos of ancestors make a site feel more like a home.

If you have some photographs that have been scanned and saved as .jpg or .gif images or some media clips (such as video or audio files) that are in a format that meet the compatibility requirements for your Web hosting service, you can post them on your Web site. If you're uploading photos or media clips to a networking site or blog, be sure to follow the Web host's instructions. And if you're uploading to a Web page that you coded personally, make sure that a copy of the .jpg or .gif file is uploaded to your Web host's server in a directory that you can point to with HTML codes on your home page. By using the <IMG SRC = " "> code, you can tell browsers where to go to pick up that image or photograph. (Be sure to type the filename for that image exactly as it appears on your hard drive or other resource.)

Just as you should be careful about posting factual information about living relatives, be careful about posting photos or recordings of them. If you want to use an image that has living relatives in it, get their permission before doing so. Some people are very sensitive about having their pictures posted on the Web. Also, use common sense and taste in selecting pictures for your page. Although a photo of little Susie at age 3 wearing a lampshade and dancing around in a tutu may be cute, a photo of Uncle Ed at age 63 doing the same thing may not be so endearing!

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The Part of Tens


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i Items to think about when you travel for research

i Some things to ponder when designing your own

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i Places to visit when you need a bit of help with your


i Tips for making the most of your research

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