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If your ancestors came from Europe, you may want to consult information on one of the continent's many ethnic groups. Your level of genealogical success with European ethnic records depends greatly on the history of the group and the areas in which your ancestors lived. There may be fewer surviving records for ancestors from places that weathered several wars and border changes than for those who lived in a more stable environment. Here is a sampling of European ethnic-research sites:

1 Austrian: AustriaGenWeb (

1 Belarusian: Belarusian Genealogy ( genealogy1/index.html)

i Bosnia-Herzegovina: Bosnia-Herzegovina Web Genealogy Project (www.

1 Bulgarian: Bulgarian GenWeb (

1 Croatian: CroatiaGenWeb (

1 Czech: Czech Republic Genealogy (

1 Danish: DIS Danmark (

i Dutch: (

i Estonian: Estonian GenWeb ( estonia/20 0/genweb.html)

i Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS): If you're looking for research guides for Eastern Europe, start here. The federation's pages ( have information on the Albanian, Armenian, Austrian, Belarusian, Bohemian, Bulgarian, Carpatho-Rusyn, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Galician, German, Hutterite, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Moravian, Pomeranian, Romanian, Russian, Silesian, Slavic, Slavonian, Slovak, Slovenian, Transylvanian, Ukrainian, and Volhynian ethnic groups.

i Finnish: Family History Finland ( finn.html)

i French: Francogene ( focuses on genealogy of French-speaking groups, including French Canadians, Acadians, Cajuns, Belgians, and Swiss.

i German: The German Genealogy Pages ( genealogy.html) focus on research of German, Austrian, Swiss, Alsatian, Luxemburger, and Eastern European genealogy. Also, ( is a search engine dedicated to German genealogy.

i Greek: GreeceGenWeb (

i Hungarian: HungaryGenWeb (

i Icelandic: Iceland Genealogy (

i Irish: Irish Ancestors ( provides guides on sources of genealogical information in Ireland, a list of county heritage centers, record sources, and useful addresses.

i Italian: The Italian Genealogy Homepage ( covers many topics including medieval genealogy, tips for researching in Italy, records repositories, common surnames, and history.

i Latvian: LatvianGenWeb (

i Liechtenstein: LiechGen (

i Luxembourg: Luxembourg Home Page (

i Maltese: MaltaGenWeb ( i Moldava: MoldavaGenWeb ( i Norwegian: Norway Genealogy (

ii Polish: PolandGenWeb ( html)

i Romanian: Romania World GenWeb ( index.html)

i Russian: RussiaGenWeb (

i Serbian: SerbiaGenWeb (

i Slovak: Slovak Republic Genealogy (

i Slovenia: Genealogy and Heraldry in Slovenia (

i Spanish: Espana GenWeb (

i Swedish: Sweden Genealogy (

i Swiss: Swiss Genealogy on the Internet ( gener-e.htm)

i UK and Ireland Genealogical Information Service (GENUKI): GENUKI

( includes details on English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Channel Islanders, and Manx ethnic groups.

i Ukrainian: Ukraine World GenWeb ( index.html )

To find information on European ethnic groups, your best bet is to consult (Wg^l) a comprehensive genealogy site. The following steps provide an example of how to conduct such a search:

1. Go to the Genealogy Resources on the Internet site:

In the first paragraph of the home page, you see a list of resources including mailing lists, Usenet newsgroups, anonymous File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Gopher, World Wide Web, Telnet, and e-mail.

2. Click the World Wide Web link.

This link takes you to an alphabetical listing of categories of genealogical Web sites.

3. Click a geographic location or name of an ethnic group.

We're interested in finding information on individuals of Dutch ancestry, so we choose the Dutch Resources link. This brings up a page with a list of Dutch-related links.

4. Choose a link from the list that interests you.

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