Geographicspecific Web sites

Geographic-specific Web sites are those pages that contain information only about a particular town, county, state, country, or other locality. They typically provide information about local resources, such as genealogical and historical societies, government agencies and courthouses, cemeteries, and civic organizations. Some sites have local histories and biographies of prominent residents online. Often, they list and have links to other Web pages that have resources for the area. Sometimes they even have a place where you can post queries (or questions) about the area or families from there, in the tHIS hope that someone who reads your query will have some answers for you.

Wl^ft ] How can you find geographic-specific Web sites, you ask? Doing so is easy:

1. Using your Web browser, go to the Genealogy Toolbox at

2. Scroll down to the Places section.

The Places section contains a list of states and countries.

3. Click the country or geographic link that interests you.

Doing so brings up a list of links to general sites or to counties or subdivisions.

4. Click the subdivision of your choice.

This takes you to a page that lists all Internet sites pertaining to the subdivision you selected that are indexed in the Genealogy Toolbox. Each entry includes a brief abstract of the site and a link to that site; you can select sites that sound promising.

You can find several good examples of general geographic-specific Web sites:

^ The USGenWeb Project ( conveys information about the United States. The USGenWeb Project is an all-volunteer online effort to provide a central genealogical resource for information (records and reference materials) pertaining to counties within each state. (See the sidebar "The USGenWeb project" in this chapter for more information.)

1 GENUKI: UK + Ireland Genealogy ( is an online reference site containing primary historical and genealogical information in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It links to sites containing indexes, transcriptions, or digitized images of actual records. All of the information is categorized by locality — by country, then county, then parish.

1 The American Local History Network ( organizes its resources by state and by topic.

1 The WorldGenWeb project ( attempts the same type of undertaking as USGenWeb, only on a global scale.

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