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The Hispanic Genealogy Center (www.hispanicgenealogy.com) is a Web page that the Hispanic Genealogical Society of New York maintains to promote genealogy among Hispanic Americans. For a list of Hispanic resources by location, the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Genealogical Society maintains a page of links to genealogical resources at www.rootsweb. com/~prhgs/ (see Figure 8-5).

The Colorado Society of Hispanic Genealogy (www.hispanicgen.org) also maintains a Web site dedicated to people researching ancestors in the Southwest area of the United States (formerly known as New Spain). For resources specific to a country or area, see the following sites:

^ Argentina WorldGenWeb at www.rootsweb.com/~argwgw/

^ Genealogie d'Haiti et de Saint-Domingue at www.rootsweb.com/-htiwgw/

^ GuatemalaGenWeb at www.rootsweb.com/~gtmwgw/

^ Honduras GenWeb at www.rootsweb.com/~hndwgw/

^ Genealogia de El Salvador at www.rootsweb.com/~slvwgw/

^ La Genealogia de Puerto Rico at www.rootsweb.com/~prwgw/ index.html

^ Mexican GenWeb Project at www.rootsweb.com/~mexwgw/ ^ Panama GenWeb at www.rootsweb.com/~panwgw/ ^ Peru — The WorldGenWeb Project at www.rootsweb.com/~perwgw/

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