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Looking for genealogy blogs to aid in your family history research? There are a lot available these days and the number is growing rapidly. Of course you can find them by using a general Internet search engine, like Or you can use a couple of other simple options for finding blogs. The first is to visit the Genealogy Blog Finder search engine at blogfinder.genealogue. com/. Here's how to use it:

1. Open your Web browser and go to, as shown in Figure 13-2.

2. In the Quick Finder field, enter the name of the family or location you are researching.

3. Click Quick Finder.

This brings up a list of results with links to each. Click on any that interest you.

If you're not sure of a spelling or you just want to browse to see what's available, you can also use the menu system to navigate the Genealogy Blog Finder. All of the topics under which the blogs are organized are accessible from the main Web page.

There is a second, relatively simple way to find blogs. Go to one of the blog-hosting sites that we mention in the next section of this chapter and use the search functionality on the site to see if there are any blogs available through that service that fit your needs. For example, if you're looking for anything available on the Helm family in Fayette County, Illinois, you can search using the terms "Abel" and "Illinois" or "Abel" and "Fayette." Although this method of searching is not difficult, it can become more time-consuming than the blog-specific search engine route.

Figure 13-2:

Genealogy Blog Finder helps you locate blogs of interest.

Figure 13-2:

Genealogy Blog Finder helps you locate blogs of interest.

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