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Wouldn't it be nice if we never had to visit multiple sites to search the Internet? This burning question led directly to the creation of meta-search engines, which use a single interface (or form) to execute searches using several different search engines. They then return the results of all the individual search engines back to a single page that you can use to view the results. The number of results from meta-search engines can be overwhelming, so it's important for you to have a good search term and to know something substantial about the person you're researching. That way, you can quickly determine whether a result is relevant to your search. You also need to have patience because you may have to trudge through several sets of results before you find something useful. Some general Internet meta-search engines include the following:

1 Vivisimo: vivisimo.com 1 Ixquick: ixquick.com 1 Dogpile: www.dogpile.com 1 MetaCrawler: www.metacrawler.com 1 Search.com: www.search.com

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SEO Search Engine Optimization For Beginners

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