Mailing lists focusing on African research

When you look for key records that are specific to African ancestral research, it's a good idea for you to interact with other researchers who may already be knowledgeable about such resources. One place to start is the AfriGeneas mailing list. This mailing list focuses primarily on African genealogical research methods. On the Web page for the mailing list (, you find the following resources (see Figure 8-1):

i A beginner's guide to researching genealogy i Links to census schedules and slave data on the Internet i A digital library of transcribed resources i A link to a database of African American surnames and their corresponding researchers

Figure 8-1:

AfriGeneas site aids with finding African-ancestored roots.

Figure 8-1:

AfriGeneas site aids with finding African-ancestored roots.

Here's how to subscribe to the AfriGeneas mailing list:

1. Start your favorite e-mail program.

How you start your e-mail program depends on which one you use. Generally, you can begin the program by double-clicking the program's icon (or, in Windows, by opening the program from the Start button). If you're not sure how to start your e-mail program, see the documentation that came with the program.

2. Create a new e-mail message.

Normally you create a new e-mail message by clicking an icon in your e-mail program's toolbar or by using a menu. If you don't know how to create a new e-mail message, consult the documentation that came with the program.

3. Type [email protected] in the To line.

Make sure that you type only [email protected] in the To line. You subscribe to AfriGeneas at this listserv e-mail account. If you type anything more, your e-mail message won't be delivered, and your attempt to subscribe fails.

4. Make sure that your e-mail address is in the From line.

Most e-mail programs automatically fill in your e-mail address in the From line. In that case, just make sure that it's correct. Otherwise, type the e-mail address where you want to receive postings to the AfriGeneas mailing list.

5. In the body of the message, type subscribe afrigeneas or subscribe afrigeneas-digest.

Use subscribe afrigeneas-digest if you want to receive fewer e-mail messages a day from the list. In the digest form, the listserver compiles all the messages that people post throughout the day into one e-mail. For example, if April subscribes to the mailing list in its regular format, where each posting arrives separately, she'd type subscribe afrigeneas in the body of her message. Again, don't type anything more than this line in the message body, or you confuse the automatic program that adds you to the mailing list — and it rejects your attempt to subscribe.

6. Send the e-mail message.

Your e-mail program probably features a Send button that sends the message after you click it. If you don't see a Send button or a Send command in one of the drop-down menus, consult your e-mail program documentation for details on sending a message.

Another resource is the Ethnic-African Mailing Lists page at lists.roots

This page identifies more than 80 mailing lists of interest to those conducting African-ancestored research. For mailing lists with a little broader focus, see the list at Genealogy Resources on the Internet at jfuller/gen_mail_african.html.

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