Passenger lists

Most of the immigration records that you will find on the Web are in the form of passenger lists. Passenger lists were manifests of who was on a particular ship. You can use passenger lists not only to see who immigrated on a particular ship, but you can also see citizens of the United States who were merely traveling on a particular ship (perhaps coming back from vacation in Europe).

To find passenger lists, you can try using a general search engine or a genealogically focused search engine. This is a particularly good strategy if you don't know what the name of the ship was or the year that they immigrated. If you do know the name of the ship, a comprehensive genealogical index may be more appropriate.

^HIS As an example, suppose that you have a family legend that Martin Saunders immigrated to America on a ship called Planter sometime in the first part of (■R^ft 1 the seventeenth century. The following steps show you how to search for a ^xTy passenger list to confirm the legend:

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