Scanning Scandinavian countries

It is a good idea to get an overview of genealogical record sets in Scandinavian countries. The Beginner's Guide to Finnish Family History Research (members. covers how to use parish, birth, marriage, death records, and communion books. (mydanish contains articles on vital records, census lists, place names, emigration, and Danish History. The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies/Sveriges Slaktforskarforbund hosts the site Finding Your Swedish Roots ( that includes helpful articles on church, legal, and tax records, information on the collection in the Swedish Archives, and a brief history of Sweden. For help with your Norwegian ancestors, see the article Basics of Norwegian Research at norway/list-basics.htm.

A key database to consult when beginning your research is the Vital Records Index at ( set_search.asp? PAGE=vr/search_VR.asp). The Index includes records for Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The Dansk Demografisk Database ( includes censuses and lists of emigrants and immigrants for Denmark.

You can find transcriptions of passport lists for the Aland Islands in Finland at the Transcription of the Borough Administrator's Passport List 1882-1903

( and Sheriff's Passport List 1863-1916 ( sites. The database at DISBYT Finland contains more than 160,000 individuals who lived in Finland ( prior to 1913. The Genealogy Society of Finland maintains a list of christenings, marriages, burials and moves as part of its HisKi Project at historia/indexe.htm.

The Swedish DISBYT database ( contains 15.4 million Swedes living before 1905. The Institute of Migration/Siirtolaisuusinstituutti (www. maintains a database of more than 550,000 emigrants from Finland. ( has over 16 million Swedish church records from 1860. (www. is a subscription site that contains emigration lists from 1783-1751; passenger and immigration lists from the 1500s to 1900s; and some local histories and published genealogies.

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