Transcribed records pertaining to ancestors with African roots

Many genealogists recognize the benefits of making transcribed and digitized records available for other researchers. More and more of these Web sites are popping up every day. A few Web sites have transcribed records that are unique to the study of African ancestry online. Following are some examples:

1 Cemetery records: For a transcribed list of cemeteries, see African American Cemeteries Online at

1 Freedman's Bureau records: You can find transcribed Freedman's Bureau records at the Freedman's Bureau Online at

i Manumission papers: For examples of manumission papers (documents that reflect a slave was granted freedom), see Bourbon County Deeds of Manumission Abstracts site at

i Registers: At the Valley of the Shadow site, you can view transcribed Registers of Free Blacks in Augusta County, Virginia, at i Slave schedules: You can find transcriptions of slave schedules (lists of slave owners and the number of slaves owned by them) at the African American Census Schedules Online site at

Although some of these schedules don't identify ancestors by name, they're useful if you know the name of the slave owner.

i Wills and probate records: Slaves were often mentioned in the disposition of wills. A list of slaves mentioned in probate records of Noxubee County, Mississippi, can be found at

The preceding sites are a few examples of transcribed records that you can find on the Internet. To see whether online records exist that pertain specifically to your research, visit a comprehensive genealogical site and look under the appropriate category.

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