Catalogs to Help

Look for various catalogs listing books in print. Many major libraries (Newberry in Chicago, New York Public Library, and others) have published catalogs. An example is the Genealogies Catalogued by the Library of Congress Since 1986, over 1300 pages, listing hundreds of books. None of the catalogs contain every genealogy published. They will be limited by time period, the library's collection, or other considerations.

Another helpful source is the series Genealogical and Local History Books in Print, published since 1975. It lists thousands of books, but you'll need to check each of their volumes.

Lineage Lessons

When you find a family history on the surname you are searching, don't assume that everything in it is correct. Being in print doesn't make it true. The authors may not have had access to the records now available. If there are no citations included upon which you can judge the reliability, you'll have to do some independent searching to establish that the facts are indeed true. You don't want to proceed for 20 years on someone else's word, and then find you have been following the wrong family!

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