Descendant Charts

Other charts are useful for genealogy research. You will more often use descendant charts later in your research. These charts start with an individual and list that person's descendants. Because descendant charts begin with a progenitor, you must do some research to find the progenitors in your lines. Descendant charts include all the descendants of the progenitor, or as many as can be identified.

i Genie Jargon

* A progenitor is an ancestor in a direct line. When genealogists refer to a progenitor, they usually mean the earliest proven person in a line. If the J¿> earliest proven person in your paternal line is your grandfather, he is the progenitor for that line. When you can go back one more generation and prove who your great-grandfather is, he becomes the progenitor. Each of your lines has a progenitor.

A text-based descendant chart.


Ge IL.

;orge Nelson Marvin (1818 - 1904) r Maryetta Hammond (1817 - 1889) -George W. Marvin (1840 - 1889) UyJulia ( ) (- dec.)

1- Frank L. Marvin (- BEF 1908) -Emma Marvin (1842 - 1917) li-rAugustus C. Van Home (1844 - 1924) L- Alfrieda Van Home (1882 - 1924) —William Nelson Marvin (1844 - 1904) It-Diana Courll Drollinger (1857 - 1946) -Myrtle Olive Marvin (1879- 1941)

— Sarah Bemice Marvin (1895 - 1981) L- William Manfred Marvin (1898 - 1909)

—Sylvanus Marvin (1845 - 1862)

This is also a descendant chart, but it is graphical rather than text-based.

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