Family Group Sheets and Sources

Each fact on the family group sheet must be linked to a full source citation. If all the information came from the same source, the family group sheet notation might read:

All information on this family from 1860 U.S. Census, Population Schedule, Noble County, Indiana, Perry Township, Ligonier, page 105, dwelling 84, family 84.

As your research progresses, your information on the family will come from several sources. The same information may be in two or more documents. For example, the birth date of Mary Smith, 2 March 1846, might be based on both a family Bible and her tombstone. When you enter her birth on the family sheet, list those two sources, and key them to her birth date. You want users of the family sheet to immediately understand on what you base the date. (When you do enter the citation, be sure that you give sufficient information to properly identify it. See Chapter 18 for more on citations.)

Each fact on the family group sheet should be documented by a specific source citation. It is not enough to just add a list of sources to the group sheet with no indication as to which facts they document. Those using the information need to know where you obtained the information on each individual fact: every birth, every birthplace, every marriage, and so on. Use both sides of the paper if necessary.

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