Keeping Track of What You Find

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V Using charts to keep track

V Computer genealogy programs for record keeping

V Computer-generated reports

Genealogy research is a little like the connect-the-dots pictures you did as a child; if you did not connect the dots in the right order, the emerging picture wasn't quite right.

To help connect your genealogy dots in the right order, you will use genealogy charts and family group sheets to record the research data. You can use these basic structures with pencil and paper or with a computer.

The two general types of genealogy charts are ascendant and descendant charts. In addition to the charts, a Family Group Sheet is used to keep track of individual families.

An ascendant chart starts with you and moves back through the generations of all your ancestors. A descendant chart starts with an individual and comes down through the generations listing that individual's descendants.

These charts are not your finished genealogy. They are research tools, reminders of where you are in your genealogy research.

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