The Least You Need to Know

V Start your genealogical search with your own family members, not only your parents, but also aunts and uncles.

V Be sensitive; don't press when the family is reluctant to talk about an episode in the past.

V Thoroughly exhaust all the family mementos. Most will help in some way in your search.

V The old family Bible often is the only written record of a family.

Tree Tips

Look also for engraved silverware. The initials may give a clue to a husband's or wife's name.

You're Hooked, Now What?

In This Chapter

V Getting the right information into your notes

V How to create logs to help keep track

V The importance of transcribing and abstracting

V Learning the language of old documents

As you gather the odd-shaped pieces of the puzzle of your family history, your excitement mounts. Eager to find the missing pieces and to fit them into the picture, you want to rush ahead. But before you plunge into the wonderful world of records and documents waiting to be discovered, pause for a few minutes and learn how to get the information you need from your research. This chapter and the next explain some tools and techniques to assist.

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