Using Computer Programs for Genealogy Record Keeping

If you have a computer, consider using a computer genealogy program to manage your genealogy information. These programs give you great flexibility in compiling and analyzing your research, as well as making it easier to share data.

After entering the data into the computer once, you can arrange it in many ways. All the programs use a family group sheet format to keep track of your information, and all print pedigree charts. The differences in genealogy programs lie in the amount of information they allow you to enter and what you can do with that information once it is entered.

The programs range from very simple ones, which are merely an organized collection of names with the capacity to print basic forms, to very sophisticated programs, which produce customized reports and allow extensive research notes, footnotes, and bibliographies to help you produce complete family histories. Newer programs incorporate multimedia and provide tools to connect you to the Internet and to put your genealogy on your own Web page.

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