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Genealogy can be a life-long interest. You'll continually learn new facts, new techniques, and new sources. You'll tie in to the network of genealogists all over the world who have a common interest and are willing to share their materials and knowledge. Give a little

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Always read the footnotes and bibliographies in books and articles. The information there may lead to a solution of one of your research problems.

back by volunteering for a genealogical organization or repository. There is always work to be done, whether it's typing the newsletter, raising funds, arranging for speakers, or lobbying officials to preserve and keep open to researchers the records needed by family historians.

One of the best ways to learn the records of a repository or library and to give back to the field at the same time, is to donate some time to shelve books, answer questions, catalog, or develop finding aids. The jobs are endless. By volunteering, you'll discover resources you might not have found on your own. As you get acquainted with the other volunteers, you may find help with your research. At the very least you'll meet people with the same interests with whom you can exchange ideas.

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