Importing an existing Gedcom file

It is possible to start working on your genealogy project with Family Tree Builder by importing your data. You can import a GEDCOM file exported by another genealogy application to start a new project, or merge its contents into the currently open project.

Start by selecting "Import Gedcom" from the File menu. Then:

1. Browse and choose the GEDCOM file you wish to import.

2. Choose a Primary Language for your project. This should be the language that the GEDCOM was created in.

3. Fill out the GEDCOM configuration page, shown in Figure 11 below

Gedcom Hebrew
Figure 11: GEDCOM Import Configuration options

We have tested the GEDCOM Import feature on over 5,000 family trees downloaded from the Internet. This was necessary because many genealogy products do not adhere precisely to the GEDCOM format, or suffer from inconsistencies that exist within the format itself. We do our very best to recover your data as faithfully as possible and believe we have developed the most accurate GEDcOm import functionality anywhere. However, there are always new issues found with this capability, so if you notice errors or deficiencies that occurred in the import procedure, send us the details so that we may further improve the import process.

Tip! We support importing of media files and documents referenced by a GEDCOM file, including photos. However, some genealogy products reference them using proprietary non-GEDCOM tags. If your photos are not imported correctly, please send us your GEDCOM file for us to fix this.

Tip! Advanced users may view a report produced at the end of the import, showing which unexpected tags were found in your file and how they were handled.

Tip! We support a GEDCOM import from Dorotree, even of bi-lingual family trees (e.g. English + Hebrew).

Tip! The ability to merge a GEDCOM file into current project is partially done. Currently the import will be done in full and there is still no functionality to compare, side by side, your existing family tree and the one in the imported GEDCOM, and ask you to pick which specific records you wish to import and which ones to reject. This functionality is planned for a future release.

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